Teqworld Flat Screen Digital TVs Specs, Reviews & Prices in Kenya

Teqworld flat screen TVs are manufactured in China by Teqworld electronic company.

Teqworld provides great quality products which boast amazing features at reasonable prices.

Their products seem to be an extension of a philosophy to ensure that consumers can get the best at little cost.

Teqworld TVs are loaded with power-packed features like Full HD screens, LED backlights, HDMI inputs and lots more.

They also provide a 1-year warranty on all their Digital TVs to boost consumer confidence.

Even after providing all these features, Teqworld TVs are priced at perfectly affordable cost.

They are the most affordable flat screen TVs in Kenya. You can get a Teqworld TV for as low as 15k.

Let’s take a deeper look as we review and highlight the key features of Teqworld 24″, 32″ and 40-Inch LED TVs.

1) Teqworld G40Z – 40″ – HD Digital LED TV

Are you looking for the best Flat screen digital TV, which is affordable and has super features?

Search no more; Teqworld 40 inch flat screen digital TV is what you are looking for.

It is a digital TV with amazing features ranging from the inbuilt digital decoder to the ability to support multimedia connectivity USB and HDMI.

The following are its excellent features that will make you own it within no time.

  • LED TV and HD resolution

Teqworld 40 inch flat screen digital TV is a LED TV where colors, sound, and images are of high quality for better home entertainment.

While watching a movie, you don’t have to struggle much to see and enjoy the images as the HD resolution ability sorts that.

The High resolution enables you to enjoy broadcasts, home videos, and movies with more clarity.

  • Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder

This TV allows you watch all free to air channels for free, and on top of that, it has an inbuilt decoder which provides international channels which you can just subscribe for.

  • Supports Multimedia connectivity

This TV is super fantastic; you can enjoy music, movies, recordings and photos from your USB.

It has an USB and HDMI ports that enable you to connect USB or laptop respectively to the TV.

This means that you can watch photos, videos, and movies from USB and a laptop using the TV.

  • Record Live TV to the USB disk

If you like a certain TV program which is going on live, and you wish to watch it later, you can just record it to the USB disk.

This feature is very amazing and can also be used to record even a movie which is live on TV.

  • Flat screen, super slim and narrow design

Teqworld 40 Inch flat screen digital TV is super slim with a narrow design. This is a great advantage as it is not bulky compared to other TVs.

This means that the TV can be mounted on a wall easily and will look fantastic on the wall.


  • 40″ Digital LED TV
  • Super slim LED Design
  • HD resolution
  • Digital ready
  • USB, HDMI, PC Audio input, AV, Headphones input, scart, coaxial, RF in
  • DTV mode record video to USB Disk


  • 40″ Digital LED TV unit
  • Remote control
  • Cable(s)
  • User Guide

2) Teqworld G32Z – 32″ – HD Digital LED TV

This Teqworld HD LED TV offers vivid picture and dynamic sound in HD resolution‎‎.

You‎‎’‎‎ll love the stunning picture when it‎‎’‎‎s switched on and marvel at its appearance when it‎‎’‎‎s switched off‎‎.

Its sleek‎‎ and elegant design will appeal to even the most refined sense of style‎‎.

  • Technical specifications

It comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a fair warranty duration for a TV.

In addition, the Teqworld G32Z model uses a super-slim LED design, it is digital ready and provides the viewers with an HD resolution picture.

Moreover, the television includes all the necessary ports and slots needed to connect it to a PC, or any other device.

More specifically, it has a USB port, HDMI, PC audio input, headphones slot and AV port.

Finally, it allows you to record your favorite TV programs and movies by using the DTV mode that records video onto a connected USB drive.

  • Design

The TV is pretty light, weighing merely 8 kgs while boasting with a 32-inch display size.

In terms of appearance, Teqworld G32Z model has a stylish, sleek looking, modern design that makes this TV very aesthetically pleasing.

At the same time, it provides vivid HD picture with a dynamic sound output, that can turn your living room into a cinema.

  • Extra Features

One of the fascinating feature of this television is the special USB port, which allows you to watch any movies, series or photos, and listen to any of your music right on TV.

Just transfer the files to the USB and you can use them on the big screen.

In addition, you can record videos from TV to the flash-drive, and then share them with your friends and family, who can watch them on their PC or TV that also supports USB drives.

Moreover, the Teqworld G32Z supports radio stations, which you can listen to right from your Television menu, making this model truly a multimedia device that you need.

Specs Summary

  • 32″ Digital LED TV
  • Super slim LED Design
  • HD resolution
  • Digital ready
  • USB, HDMI, PC Audio input, AV, Headphones input, scart, coaxial, RF in
  • DTV mode record video to USB Disk

3) Teqworld G24Z – 24 Inch – Full HD Digital LED TV

TEQWORLD 24 Inch Full HD Digital LED TV is a state of the art television which greatly economizes room space without sacrificing picture quality.

It is perhaps the best selling TV in Kenya; far ahead of Samsung and LG TVs.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of Teqworld 24 inch TV and get a glimpse into why it has stayed ahead of the competition.

1. LED TV: The television comes with LED technology for its backlight source.

Compared to outdated Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps, LEDs are smaller, more efficient and can work with a wider array of colors.

Thus, it improves the television display in a big way.

2. Digital TV: Analog Television sets are inefficient.

They get easily disturbed by snow and other forms of noise. Moreover, there clarity reduces over long distances.

Digital Television sets do not suffer from any of these drawbacks. They achieve this by converting signals into bits and bytes.

Thus, they provide consistently high-quality outputs.

3. Full HD: This is an improvement over the HDTV concept. It provides an image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

It hugely improves over the 720 by 1080 pixels previously provided.

Thus, it gives great picture quality and is a pleasure to watch.

4. Super Slim: Teqworld makes smart use of LED technology. It uses it along the edges rather than along the back.

As such, the product has an attractive super-slim structure.

5. HDMI: HDMI provides an interface to transfer audio and video using a single cable.

Hence, it is easier to connect other media devices to the television. HDMI is a widely accepted interface for media transfer and it is usable on this device.

6. AV capable and built in set up box: As with most televisions today, the device is AV capable.

It can accept and display signals from other devices. However, it differentiates itself by providing a setup box built into the system itself!

7. USB recording: Content on the television can be recorded on any other media using USB.

Hence, your favorite shows can be saved and viewed when you wish.

8. SCART, Coaxial, RF in features: No doubt, the television uses the most advanced technologies available. Nonetheless, it even provides analog features and is compatible with all kinds of analog devices.

Hence, any analog devices at home need not go to waste!

Specs Summary

  • 24″ Digital LED TV
  • Super slim LED Design
  • Full HD 1080×1920 resolution
  • Digital ready
  • USB, HDMI, PC Audio input, AV, Headphones input, scart, coaxial, RF in
  • DTV mode record video to USB Disk

in conclusion

Teqworld televisions are loaded with features. In fact, they boast of the latest technological updates in every sphere.

Teqworld has introduced excellent products at a very reasonable price.

Feel your imagination come alive when you order the Teqworld 40″ Digital High Definition LED TV online in Kenya today at a great‎‎,‎‎ affordable price and let Jumia Kenya deliver it straight to your doorstep‎‎.

Teqworld’s offering may as well prove to be a game changer!