Tecno WX4 is one of the latest models of Tecno Android smartphones. Tecno seems to be among the market leaders when it comes to mid-range Android phones.

The company churns out several models of Android phones every year. They know what users want and they keep nailing it.

Tecno WX4 is about the trendiest Tecno phone currently. It strikes a good balance between great functions and affordability.

Release date

Tecno WX4 was released in April, 2017.


It is a very fluid and sleek smartphone with appealing curved edges.

It was designed to come in three colors – blue, grey and gold. One other striking feature of the phone is its lightness.

It is much lighter than it looks.


It comes with a 5-inch multi-touch display screen with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.

To prevent the screen from getting scratched easily, it comes with a strong screen protector.

Its screen resolution is 720 by 1280 pixels.


It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and HiOs user interface.

Battery life

It has a 2800mAh Li-Polymer battery with a quick charge technology. But the battery is not removable.


It has dual 8 megapixel cameras. One camera is at the front for taking selfies while the primary camera is at the back.

Both of them have Autofocus and LED flash technology.


It is superfast and highly responsive with its 1.3GHz Quad-processor and its 1GB memory.

These features make it a good choice for gamers. Its 16GB internal storage capacity gives enough room to download lot of games and other apps.

Its Android 7.0 Nougat operating system makes the phone compatible with all the Android apps released in 2017.

Special features

Being Tecno’s signature, it supports dual regular SIMs even though it is not compulsory to make use both SIM slots.

Unlike most devices, it has several special features like a gyroscope, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor and an accelerometer. This device simply offers a good value for money.